All of our bakery items are artisan in nature,
made by hand withLove

This means no high-volume, highly processed, machine-produced baked goods

In fact, we do things the hard way

We use long, cool fermentation processes to make the croissant dough used in all of our laminated products, including the Frenchie. Our pastries and Frenchies are a three-day process from start to finish! Why do we do this?

For one, the long, slow fermentation of the dough helps break down gluten – making it easier to digest.

But mostly, it develops more flavor in the dough and enhances the texture, resulting in a superior product.

Most donut shops marketing “cronuts” are actually commercially produced frozen dough fried in shortening. We challenge you to taste the difference!
For our Diet-conscious customers:

We offer a selection of specialty baked goods including gluten-free (GF), gluten-free/dairy-free (GF/DF), vegan (V), and paleo (P).


We love our customers. And because we do, we aim to source only the cleanest, finest ingredients for our products. This means no GMOs and no hydrogenated shortenings or oils.

When possible, we source local ingredients and seasonal produce, nuts, and honey to help the local economy and support sustainable practices.

Our flours

We use King Arthur flours, which contain no bleach, no bromate, and no artificial preservatives of any kind. All of the flour is grown and milled in the United States.

Our butter

We use imported French butter for our laminated pastries. European butters contain more butterfat and less water, which makes for a better pastry.

Our dairy

Our kitchen uses Mill-King Market and Creamery dairy, which is low-temp pasteurized, preserving as many natural enzymes and nutrients as possible. The non-homogenized milk comes from a dairy in McGregor, Texas. The cows are pasture-raised, grass-fed, and are given no GMOs, hormones, or antibiotics. This gives new meaning to “the cream rises to the top.”

We are proud to offer Shatto Milk

Shatto milk was truly one of the things our family missed most when moving to Texas from the Kansas City area. Shatto milk offers THE MOST amazing flavors in the cutest glass bottles. In fact, their chocolate milk has won “Best in the U.S.” (and a former Texas president even had it sent to The White House). Their root beer milk just won “Best in the World.” This small dairy is located in Osbourne, Missouri, just outside Kansas City, and we are so excited to bring it to YOU!