This way to Love

First and foremost, we LOVE because He first loved us. Our faith guides our mission:

“To enrich the lives of the Tyler community by offering delicious, European baked goods right here at home, providing supreme customer service with Southern hospitality, honoring God in the way we LOVE people, and giving generously to others.”

We Love our Family

We wanted to honor our family through the bakery. “Laurel” and “Pearl” are the meanings of the names of our firstborn twin daughters, as well as the quintessential emblems of European and Southern culture. In addition, through the Global Orphan Project (GO), we are donating a portion of our proceeds to orphans in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where our youngest three daughters were born.

We are in Love with European Pastry

There is nothing like sinking your teeth into perfectly golden, fresh-baked, warm croissants. Or sampling the endless flavors of those cute little Easter egg-colored macarons. And for our cream puffs – in fun flavors like tiramisu, cookie dough, cookie butter, chocolate-covered strawberry, and snickers – we take a traditional European choux pastry and elevate it to a whole new level. We LOVE the perfect imperfection of each handmade artisan treat. Can you nourish the soul with a pastry? We think so.

We Love that Southern
"je ne sais quoi"

But really, we know exactly what it is. It’s that juxtaposition of fancy and friendly that makes you feel special. That combination of formal and laid-back that somehow just works. That hospitality that makes you feel comfortable and loved even when you’ve only just met. It’s a vibe we want you to feel each and every time you step into our store.

And we Love Tyler

After moving to East Texas in 2014, we wanted to bring our loves to Tyler, the community we have grown to LOVE so much.